Monday, September 28, 2015


Generation M: Misogyny in Media and Culture by Thomas Keith

When the video started, the speaker/ author gave a definition of misogyny. The hatred of women. It's weird to know that some men can hate and love women at the same time but it makes sense. I think he should have used the word Chauvinist. There was a part in the video where he discusses the new found empowerment of women, that is really just sexuality. The only "power" women have is over men sexually. That's not saying a whole lot though because men can take that from women too without their consent or permission. Rape culture tells us that if women are being sexual or perceived as sexual, then they must want sex with everyone that asks. Or doesn't ask. At the same time, if women express their sexuality then they are almost always labeled as something promiscuous and doesn't have self respect or morals. So really, what "power" is  there for women?

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Women are constantly at war with themselves, men, and other women. Where did "idealized beauty" come from if it didn't come from men?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Privilage, Power, and Difference

Johnson, from Privilege, Power and Difference;  Frye, “Oppression”



"But always, the purpose is to change how we think so we can change how we act, and by changing how we participate in the world, become some of the complex dynamic through which the world itself will change."- The way we think affects the way we live, it controls our life choices and how we interact with other individuals.

"People can't help fearing the unfamiliar"- This quote was meant to give insight on why people act the way they do towards someone different than themselves.

"Her misfortune is my fortune"- Meaning that, his success comes from her failure.

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(The verse that came up today)

Comments, Questions:
     I don't consider myself a RELIGIOUS person but I am a SPIRITUAL person. I believe in God, but I believe that it's the same God we all call by a different name. That being said, I take parts from different religions and choose to follow certain principles. The second part of this scripture (and the 1st) is something I choose to follow. This is something that I feel ALL people should follow because why not? Why do people feel the need to make themselves feel superior to other people? Why must we build our own success off of someone elses failure? Why is something different mean it's bad?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hello everyone! I'm Shamonique Costley and I'm a senior :) I was born and mostly raised in Connecticut. My dad is in the military so that I've spent some time in Virginia as well. I went to school in Connecticut up until I started here at RIC four years ago. I'm going to school for Health Education and Community Health but I think I want to work outside of school now. Well, that's all for now!