Friday, October 9, 2015

Compulsory Sexuality

Rich, “Compulsory Heterosexuality”

When Rich discusses "Compulsory Heterosexuality" he's talking about how it's "mandatory" to be straight. In class we talked about how the school system is set up for two parents and how if there is only one parent, then you run into difficulties. Society today assumes that if you're a women then you must be attracted to men and vice versa. Rich quoted Rossi in her text saying that " the lesbian is simply acting out of her bitterness towards men". That statement implies that there is no such thing as lesbianism and that they're heterosexual women who are just angry at men. So pretty much lesbians don't exist because women are only sexually orientated towards men. Rich also says that advice from male health professionals is invalid because it was made to fit male needs. If that is true, that could be the reason why they are so against lesbians. It's possible that they feel like there would be no one to tend to them and their domestic and sexual needs.

I met this guy at a party one night who said that there is no such thing as bisexual men because if a man likes a man he is gay. He also said that you cant like beef and bacon at the same time (but beef bacon exists.... I think he meant beef and pork but that's still wrong). So I asked about bisexual women and he said women can be bisexual but he doesn't understand why a women would want to be a lesbian (because women HAVE to be attracted to men). I asked more questions which lead to him saying that he likes bisexual women because he thinks it's sexy. OHHHHHHH... so you fantasize about being with two women at once? I asked. Yes, I wouldn't mind having two girlfriends and if my girl ever cheated on me with another girl I wouldn't even be mad.. Hmpf... so bisexuality is only okay if you benefit from it.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Land of "Opportunity"

Kristof, USA: The Land of Limitations?

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“Rich kids make a lot of bad choices,” Professor Reardon notes. “They just don’t come with the same sort of consequences.”

-Wealthy children might suffer some kind of consequence for getting into trouble but it is far less than what a child in poverty would have to face. The fact of the matter is wealthier children have it easier than those in poverty. Using the image as an example, we all have obstacles in life to go through but having money does make it easier to get over the hurdles.

“The chance of a person who was born to a family in the bottom 10 percent of the income distribution rising to the top 10 percent as an adult is about the same as the chance that a dad who is 5 feet 6 inches tall having a son who grows up to be over 6 feet 1 inch tall,” 

- Parents always say that they want the best for their children and they want for their children to do better than they did, but most adult children's income correlates with their parents. My question is, how? Even if the child goes to college and the parent didn't? I know people who can't go to school because their parents "make too much money" but don't have enough to send their child to school. Maybe that's the system keeping people in their places.

This image is an example of how economic inequity is also a feminist issue. We are all victims of the pay gaps yet "we" only see the problem with one. 

Fear of Femenism

Rowe-Finkbeiner, “A Tsunami in History”
Hogeland, “Fear of Feminism”

I was looking into why people don't like femenism and it led me to the word "suffragette" and I had never seen that word before but I figured it had to do with suffrage obviously. When I looked up the word Suffragette, and I found these old images of what was believed to be a femenist. This goes along with the texts that suggests one of the reasons people fear femenism is because women are afraid of scaring men away. In the first image, it's suggested that women become femenists because they cannot find a husband to marry them. The second image suggests that the womens family will suffer without her there to tend to the home, because obviously men are incapable of taking care of there own children..

Question: If there are such things as "female jobs" and "male jobs", why do men still get paid more for doing a "womens job"?

In relation, as I was looking up the word "suffragette" I came across a movie that was just realeased a few days ago in London. The movie caused femenists to storm the red carpet in protest of the movie because it suggests that we are in a "post-femenist" era and did not represent the involvment of black wome.