Friday, October 9, 2015

Compulsory Sexuality

Rich, “Compulsory Heterosexuality”

When Rich discusses "Compulsory Heterosexuality" he's talking about how it's "mandatory" to be straight. In class we talked about how the school system is set up for two parents and how if there is only one parent, then you run into difficulties. Society today assumes that if you're a women then you must be attracted to men and vice versa. Rich quoted Rossi in her text saying that " the lesbian is simply acting out of her bitterness towards men". That statement implies that there is no such thing as lesbianism and that they're heterosexual women who are just angry at men. So pretty much lesbians don't exist because women are only sexually orientated towards men. Rich also says that advice from male health professionals is invalid because it was made to fit male needs. If that is true, that could be the reason why they are so against lesbians. It's possible that they feel like there would be no one to tend to them and their domestic and sexual needs.

I met this guy at a party one night who said that there is no such thing as bisexual men because if a man likes a man he is gay. He also said that you cant like beef and bacon at the same time (but beef bacon exists.... I think he meant beef and pork but that's still wrong). So I asked about bisexual women and he said women can be bisexual but he doesn't understand why a women would want to be a lesbian (because women HAVE to be attracted to men). I asked more questions which lead to him saying that he likes bisexual women because he thinks it's sexy. OHHHHHHH... so you fantasize about being with two women at once? I asked. Yes, I wouldn't mind having two girlfriends and if my girl ever cheated on me with another girl I wouldn't even be mad.. Hmpf... so bisexuality is only okay if you benefit from it.


  1. Great blog. It's so disappointing to see how people are ignorant. How can you thing those things? I really like that quote that you put. I dont understand how someone could think those things. What the hell is wrong with you to think that I say good with what you think is right. Just seriously be yourself. Dont listen to ignorant peoples' point of views.
    Anyway great story. I feel like we all have met that one guy that thinks dumb things. What the hell would make you think that? This is world is crazy.

  2. Great blog. Your story made me laugh (in a "how can someone be that ignorant" kind of way). I agree with you completely. The author's opinions are equally ignorant. It's insane that we're expected to favor one side and not the other for doing the SAME things.

  3. I really enjoyed your story. In one of my other classes we talk a lot about how throughout history men have always tried to convince women that the only right way to have sex is regular sex, because that makes the women dependent on males to "have fun". Men only see something acceptable if they benefit from it, like in the case of your story he says bisexual women are okay because he finds them hot, which is a screwed up way to look at things.

  4. You started with such a great picture/cartoon. What really strikes me about your reflection is that it is so important to be true to ourselves and not base our worth on what other people say or think. People say some crazy things, I've found that the more comfortable I am with myself and who I am as a person, the less what other people say or think affects me.

  5. Unfortunately, it's just another double standard we face in today's society. And yes, it is only right when it benefits someone.