Monday, November 30, 2015

Cinderella Ate my Daughter

Orenstein, from Cinderella Ate My Daughter

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I remember growing up and not liking pink because it was too girly and every little girls favorite color was always pink. I didn't want to be different, but I didn't want to like it just because everyone else did. I also remember protesting skirts, dresses and ANYTHING pink. I wasn't comfortable in it so i didn't like it. I wasn't a tomboy though, but I remember trying to classify myself as a tomboy or a girly girl because I thought I had to be one or the other (at least I knew I had a choice). I preferred shorts/ jeans and loved to ride my bike and make pretend meals out of dirt and leaves, but my favorite color was purple and I also liked playing with dolls and painting my nails. This whole pinkification thing is fairly new and I still don't understand it. Is pink supposed to be the ultimate girl color? Where are all the other choices? Why are things that was once gender neutral becoming pinked?
I'm trying to determine if the things I got as a child affects the person I am today. Most of the things I got I picked out myself on based off what I saw on TV. Yes, I saw all the girly toys that weren't so pink back then but I also saw a lot of other things on TV and I picked what I liked. Sometimes I got it, sometimes I didn't. My life wasn't consumed by my toys, I barely remember what my dolls looked like. I had a whole collection of Disney movies and the only movies I had with Disney princesses was Cinderella, Mulan, and Alladin. I still have not seen the other Disney princess movies and I don't know when I will. I don't know if that has anything to do with my personality today, or if I got certain things based off my personality.
When it comes to toys training kids for their future, I could see how one could think that but judging from my own personal experience it didn't work for me. I had a doctors kit, but i don't want to be a doctor. I had an easel because I thought I wanted to be an artist but changed my mind. I also had sponge bob bed set and a scooby doo alarm clock that didn't make me decide I don't want kids, and my baby doll didn't make me want to have kids either.

Sex Positivity

What is Sex Positivity?- Furguson

     While reading the article Furguson discusses two camps within feminism; Radical vs. Libertarian. Now I don't get why there are sections within feminism because I thought the point was equality for all people. It seems like even within the feminist groups there are still people judging each other based off their personal choices. 
    The radical feminists represent the women in the hijab covered head to toe and the libertarian feminists represent the women in the bikini. Radical feminists disapprove of all heterosexual sex that is male dominated. That includes role playing, S&M, and porn along with a few other things because they believe that those things are too explicit and lead to violence against women and the objectification of women. By egaging in those types of "risky behaviors" you would be encouraging male dominance because the male is the subject or master and the female would be the object or slave. Radical feminists have the views of the 1st and 3rd wave feminists pretty much.
    Libertarian feminists on the other hand, support any form of consensual sex. More specifically, "an ideal sexual relationship bewteen two fully consenting equal partners." I like how this is phrased because then you have to consider what consensual really is. The batterted wife was a good example because most women with consent to sex out of fear that if they say no (if they have that choice) they will be beaten. It is also important that libertarians use "consenting EQUAL partners" for that same reason.
      Furguson discusses the difference between forbidden sex ( rape, incest, etc) and risky sex ( porn, prositution, etc) and how we "should be free to choose between risky and basic practices without fear of moral condemation from other feminists". I couldn't agree wih this more. This has been my position for as long as I remember, even for other topics like abortions and hijabs. I may not make the same decissons as you or agree with your choices but I am a pro-choice person. I personally wouldn't promote promescuity or prositution but because I don't think they're safe. Pornography is okay to me as long as it was really the woman's choice but if she had outside influences then I wouldn't support it. 
     What if the women likes a feminist but like S&M and likes for the man to be dominant? There are women who are into that just like it's possible for a woman to like a woman. I don't think it's fair to tell women to stop doing what they like sexually in order avoid the violence and objectification because men don't get shamed for liking those same things. The only time a man gets shamed is if his sexuality is not "politically correct" and it usually only happens if the man is gay or something extreme like having sex with children or animals, which is not truely consenting. "We should reclaim control over female sexuality by demanding the right to do what gives us pleasure or satisfaction."

Thursday, November 5, 2015

But..What About the Boys??

Kimmel, “What Are Little Boys Made Of?”
Tough Guise 2

It has been said that men's oppression comes from feminism. Feminism is to blame because it's teaching our boys to be "wussies". Teaching young boys to sit still, or not be violent, or to treat their female partners with respect, or to be nurturing, or that it's okay to show emotions other than anger is making them soft. We're not allowing our boys to be boys by not letting them be barbaric savages. In the reading from Kimmel, he states that boys are four times more likely to be emotionally disturbed and commit suicide and 15 times more likely to be involved in violent crimes. Well I'm no expert but common sense would say that it's because they weren't taught how to cope with their emotions (that their not supposed to have). It seems like all of their negative emotions like sadness, shame, embarrassment, rejection, defeat, frustration, jealousy, insecurity, etc... they all get lumped into anger and the only way to deal with that is through violence. Men's oppression leads to the oppression of women as well. When me are taught to show no emotions other than anger, that applies to women as well. That's why men are responsible for 99% of rapes and 85% of all violent crimes.

Like any other issue in this world, we have to start by speaking on it. Most men's violence gets categorized as "teen violence, or youth violence when it should be (young) men's violence. It needs to be said so people can hear it and see it for what it is. In "Tough Guise 2" he makes note of that. He also points out that the blame is never on the perpertrator. The reason for men's violence is due to nature and weapons and women but not to nuture. It is mostly because of hormones. So it's not men's fault they are violent because it's biology. #Notbuyingit #Thisisbullshit #Excusemyfrench

"In their view, males are biologically propelled to be savage, predatory, sexually omnivorous creatures, hard-wired for violence. As a man, I find this view insulting"- Kimmel

I was litterally thinking this while reading the article. How is this not insulting? It reminds me of a conversation I had with another male friend of mine about cheating in a relationship. He says it's worse when a women does it because we are more emotional and have emotions invested when we cheat and it's usually only to get back at the man. So I asked him why men cheat and he says it's in a mans nature to cheat. Please tell me what hormone that is? What does that mean? I asked. His answer was that women are better than that because we're supposed to have now apparently men aren't capable of morals either. I see.