Thursday, November 5, 2015

But..What About the Boys??

Kimmel, “What Are Little Boys Made Of?”
Tough Guise 2

It has been said that men's oppression comes from feminism. Feminism is to blame because it's teaching our boys to be "wussies". Teaching young boys to sit still, or not be violent, or to treat their female partners with respect, or to be nurturing, or that it's okay to show emotions other than anger is making them soft. We're not allowing our boys to be boys by not letting them be barbaric savages. In the reading from Kimmel, he states that boys are four times more likely to be emotionally disturbed and commit suicide and 15 times more likely to be involved in violent crimes. Well I'm no expert but common sense would say that it's because they weren't taught how to cope with their emotions (that their not supposed to have). It seems like all of their negative emotions like sadness, shame, embarrassment, rejection, defeat, frustration, jealousy, insecurity, etc... they all get lumped into anger and the only way to deal with that is through violence. Men's oppression leads to the oppression of women as well. When me are taught to show no emotions other than anger, that applies to women as well. That's why men are responsible for 99% of rapes and 85% of all violent crimes.

Like any other issue in this world, we have to start by speaking on it. Most men's violence gets categorized as "teen violence, or youth violence when it should be (young) men's violence. It needs to be said so people can hear it and see it for what it is. In "Tough Guise 2" he makes note of that. He also points out that the blame is never on the perpertrator. The reason for men's violence is due to nature and weapons and women but not to nuture. It is mostly because of hormones. So it's not men's fault they are violent because it's biology. #Notbuyingit #Thisisbullshit #Excusemyfrench

"In their view, males are biologically propelled to be savage, predatory, sexually omnivorous creatures, hard-wired for violence. As a man, I find this view insulting"- Kimmel

I was litterally thinking this while reading the article. How is this not insulting? It reminds me of a conversation I had with another male friend of mine about cheating in a relationship. He says it's worse when a women does it because we are more emotional and have emotions invested when we cheat and it's usually only to get back at the man. So I asked him why men cheat and he says it's in a mans nature to cheat. Please tell me what hormone that is? What does that mean? I asked. His answer was that women are better than that because we're supposed to have now apparently men aren't capable of morals either. I see.


  1. Well written. I've always wondered the same in regards to the way men and women are portrayed when it comes to cheating. As someone who has been cheated on before, I always find it funny to hear people try and say that it's hormonally related or something along those lines. Everyone is capable of making decisions, male or female, and we're both on even footing when it comes to those things, as far as I'm concerned.

  2. This is exactly how I was thinking. The convo you had with your friend just goes to show. This whole "biological" excuse really is bullshit, they weren't born this way like it's mentioned in the movie it is taught.

  3. Morals have nothing to do with cheating and cheating is not biological nor hormonal. It's a choice. The same way actions of violence, love, anger etc... are.